Message from Jibran Bashir

Chief Executive Officer
Highly Keen - The Management Institute

We all want to leave behind a legacy of our own for the generations to come. For this purpose, we put our extraordinary energies to build something amazing. I have the same passion for Highly Keen. Its evolution throughout the past almost one decade has been built on accomplishments, strengths and special initiatives based on consulting, certifications, corporate trainings and publications in the field of Organization Development and Human Resource Management.

I take pride in our strategic relationship with clients from different industries as well as our continuous connections with the pass outs and current students / trainees. Our success is based on our enduring impact on clients and the expertise that we apply while solving some of the hardest organizational challenges. Further, our training approach to impart practical knowledge in trainees simply differentiates us from other training institutes.

Now, Highly Keen is expanding its work scope with greater coverage of various management aspects, where our current Human Resource Management and Organization Development consulting, certifications and trainings will continue, but as per the industry needs we are now adding the consulting services for Family and Retail Businesses to our portfolio. In addition to cater the vastly spread learning and training requirements of trainees’ we are now offering courses and trainings in other management fields like Business Administration, Marketing, Sales, Retailing and Supply Chain Management. Further we are now formally providing one-on-one executive / business coaching for Pakistani CEOs and Entrepreneurs with an aim to develop them as effective and result oriented business leaders.

My Team and I are here to help you and respond to as many questions you ask, so with all confidence you can get benefits from the services of Highly Keen – The Management Institute.

Message from Sara Afzal

Director Operations & Communication
Highly Keen - The Management Institute

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Highly Keen – The Management Institute. As Director Operations & Communication, it is my intention for the Institute to be known as a leading example in providing outstanding consulting and learning services to our clients and trainees respectively. Our goal is to provide quality deliverables to our clients and students while building professional yet friendly relationships.

With Highly Keen you will experience excellence in everything that we do, as our services are unique in several aspects, radically different from others. Our practically designed consulting processes, certifications, coaching and training programs ultimately give us an edge in the consulting and training industry. Over the period of time we have developed our own consulting process titled, “The Highly Keen Way” for catering the unique OD and HR needs of businesses. Moreover our progressive and practical pedagogy based multi-disciplinary innovative learning programs make us standout as the real solution providers for organizations and professionals.

Since its inception, Highly Keen has succeeded in providing beneficial and innovative services to positively transform the Pakistani organizations and professionals. We aim to continue this development journey for betterment of many.

Looking forward to explore new horizons!