CAMP Certification



Certified Applied Management Practitioner (CAMP) is the most practical and premium certification course for the professionals who are currently working on some managerial positions or they are ready to step in as managers. The course is specially designed in the following three core dimensions of practical managerial skills;


1: Personal Management
2: People Management
3: Processes Management


Where personal management skills develop a person as effective self-manager because Personal Management is a Process of planning and outlining personal goals for one’s own life, and then trying to fulfill these goals through proper time management and overall self-discipline. Here it is important to understand that without self or personal management, a person cannot manage other people and work effectively but the person who have personal management skills can easily move towards People Management journey, which simply means leading others. For managers, it is important to understand that they not only have the responsibility of their own tasks but they have to get results from their subordinates so people management is the significance part of any manager’s job. He or she is required to lead, communicate engage, train and encourage the team members for desired outcomes.


Effective managers are also responsible for managing various processes involved in business. Processes Management refers to involvement of managers in strategic planning process of organization, develop and implement structure and business processes aligned with an organization’s strategic goals, execute performance management system, and continuously perform problem solving and decision-making process to mitigate the operational issues so that department can meet its objectives smoothly.


Highly Keen – The Management Institute believes that every manager must have Personal, People and Processes Management skills so that they can grow in their careers and on the other hand organizations can get maximum output from their competencies resulted in win-win situation at both sides. Therefore, Certified Applied Management Practitioner CAMP course by Highly Keen is a best way to enhance the practical three-dimensional managerial skills of managers to uplift the careers of managers and business bottom-line of organizations



For a detailed information about the Mini-MBA Program and its Schedule, you can Click here to Download: Certified Applied Management Practitioner – CAMP – Brochure of Information, also download the CAMP Application Form here