Mini MBA Program

Many successful managers look back on their careers with pride, yet they regret not having pursued an MBA degree. Executive MBAs and Professional MBAs are a logical next step for those who have available time and budgets. But what about rest of the people? To bridge this time and cost gap, globally the Mini-MBA programs are designed to equip professionals with the key insights, comprehensive management practices, benchmarks and business strategy tools that are usually taught in leading MBA programs.


Mini-MBA is a term used by institutions worldwide to describe a training regime focused on the fundamentals of business in a non-credit bearing program focused on attendees’ business mindset development.


Highly Keen’s Mini MBA Program allows students to gain the training of procedural and strategic business knowledge and management skills offered in a more convenient manner. Further this program provides students with the opportunity to engage with complex business problems and learn from real-world scenarios through international and local case studies. It is based on six modules of practical learning having the essence of management tools, which are necessary to perform in a corporate world where knowledge is power and personal development is the key to success.




The program provides participants with a clear picture of organizations, their strategies, structures, and management methodologies. We provide the MBA experience in an intensive 4 months program under six integrated modules that cover:



Highly Keen’s Mini MBA introduces you to core areas of organization and trains you in practical use of selected management concepts. It will broaden your strategic perspectives; develop your business acumen and leadership insight. There is a strong focus on customizing the program so it matches your current work experiences.




Highly Keen’s Mini MBA is designed for those who wish to gain the business skills provided by a traditional MBA program without incurring the time and costs necessary to undertake a full MBA program. It is ideal suited for non-business graduates, mid-career professionals and business owners, who seek greater insight into their organization.


Limited class number (up to 20 participants) ensures individual attention and highly interactive training sessions with your peers and Highly Keen’s competent practitioners who possess vast experience from a variety of industries.




At the end of this program, all successful participants will receive Highly Keen’s ‘Mini MBA’ Certificate of completion. The certificate of completion is awarded to those who meet minimum marks and attendance requirement.




For a detailed information about the Mini-MBA Program and its Schedule, you can Click here to Download: Mini MBA Information Brochure